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Year: March - May 2020

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

In collaboration with Dumont Kenya, The Dining Collection series of furniture comprises of a long sideboard cabinet, a dining table, bench seat, and five dining chairs that are versatile and inter-usable as a lounge chair when needed.


Made from solid Elgon Teak wood sourced locally in Kenya, the collection is a hybrid of Japanese, Scandinavian and Kenyan aesthetics. The result is a collection of classic, minimal pieces that bring warmth to the space.

DSCF3411 v1.jpg
DSCF3387 edited.jpg

The sideboard cabinet is 3.4m long crafted using a single piece of Elgon Teak resting on top. The cabinet doors investigate the interplay between transparency and solidness, using push-to-open hinges.

P7011127 edited.jpg
DSCF3390 edited.jpg
DSCF3358 edited.jpg
DSCF3404 edited.jpg
DSCF3376 v1 edited.jpg

The dining table is a comfortable 8 seater piece with dimensions 2.4m x 1.1m.


Attempting to balance between the lightness and heaviness, the table is projected to be paper-thin from some angles and more sturdy from others, emphasizing the materials further.


The detail in the structure along the tables spine features Mvule wood, a strong and durable hardwood timber that is native to Kenya.

P7011108 v1.jpg
DSCF3406 v1.jpg

The chair is precisely carved from solid wood and polished by artisans creating curves that unconsciously appeal to the sense of touch. The chair’s stile connects seamlessly with the backrest, accentuating the grain of the teak beautifully. 


Hand-carved door handle detail made from solid Mvule wood, for the main entrance door.

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