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Year: September 2018

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Papersky is a lifestyle travel magazine founded by Lucas B.B in 2002; the brand also produces a line of Travel Tools and The Papersky Tour de Nippon – a bicycle event that promotes Japan’s rural communities.

For one of its pop-up exhibition stands in Tokyo, we had a unique design challenge as the space was located inside a corridor with escalators nearby.


The design intent was also to ensure that the stand can be easily disassembled and re-purposed for new locations. We used recycled tent poles for the structure, with a steel base plate. To form the display, products are laid out on the painted pegboard and magazines are pinned onto the dymaxion map according to the location.

Timber display shelves sit on the tent pole structure with plastic pipe connectors.


The roof is made from original Papersky teneguis (traditional hand-dyed Japanese towel made from cotton) sewn together and clipped to the roof structure. The beautiful tenegui patterns can be seen by visitors coming down the escalator.

PAPERSKY plan.png
Photo 19-09-2018, 09 12 00.jpg
Photo 19-09-2018, 09 12 51v1.jpg
Photo 19-09-2018, 09 11 39.jpg
Photo 19-09-2018, 09 04 58.jpg
Photo 19-09-2018, 09 11 48.jpg
Photo 19-09-2018, 09 12 21.jpg
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